Restaurant week! We chose Stone’s Cove kitbar!!!

Restaurant week! We chose Stone’s Cove kitbar!!!

Our first date was Stone’s Cove Kitbar.

I remember deciding to break the social media silence of our dating. It was at this very place that I posted on FB that I was enjoying myself with a certain someone and immediately our common friends drew the connection to a conclusion. Thus began our public social media dating posts. Long story short we got married and the romance grew stronger.

Dating my wife and keeping her happy is my goal.

Going out doesn’t have to break the bank. Looking out for deals, specials and events that could help improve the romance and keep the pockets from going flat. I decided to add a section to my blog called affordable dates and in this section My wife and I will post our dating experiences and hopefully keep our budget intact. (smile) I’ve always had dreams of becoming financially sound and informed.  With a dream you can make a plan with a plan you can make it reality. Mancave financials was born. I was encouraged by a good friend Ginger Dean of  the popular finance blog to follow my dream and create a blog that I believed in and I’m doing that.

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