Pizza in Port Deposit, MD!

Pizza in Port Deposit, MD!

Welcome to the small historic town of Port Deposit!


This small town has a quaint feel with a mass appeal. The Agency that I work for opened up a location just down the street from this small strip of shops and dine in restaurants.

I was referred to this small Italian restaurant.


I found that the smells were amazing  coming from this place. As I trained my class, We could smell the aroma of fresh made pizza spilling through our doors and windows.

After my training I took a stroll up the street to find this small pizza and grill restaurant.


It has a very home style feel the decor looks busy but inviting.  

Here is what blessed me to see! 

I found that this establishment is christian owned. Check out his employees shirt. Bible scripture John 3:16. God is good!

I talked to the owner and explained to him that I blog about affordable dates and that I wanted to feature his business in my blog. He was pleased and thanked me.

I brought large stuffed pizza with pepperoni and sausages and mushrooms for my family.

It was delicious and for dessert I brought cinnamon balls with cannoli cream absolutely delicious. I would definitely eat here again.

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