Pocket Dump!

Pocket Dump!


What’s in your pockets! What do you carry every day to make things easy in your life ?

I carry and wear these items daily my edc pocket dump edition.

  1. Apple iPhone 6plus 128gb ( inside a anker slim two piece case).
  2. Coach slim ID wallet.
  3. Plantronics model M55 Bluetooth headset.
  4. Two Sandisk wireless flash drives ( 64gb drive and newer model 32gb drive)
  5. Fisher space pen
  6. Titanium carbon fiber wedding ring.
  7. Specially engraved pocket knife
  8. Gerber mini cluch multi-tool
  9. Citizens Eco-Drive timepiece 
  10. Silver bracelet.

I love my pocket dump there are certain things I will always keep with me some change but my staples remain. 

What’s in your pockets? What do you need on a daily basis. Things that make your work and life easier.

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